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Lucky Number 7!

Lucky Number 7!

Lucky Number 7! Lucky Number 7! Lucky Number 7!

After overcoming whatever issue YouTube had with us uploading #7, the episode is finally live! You can check it out long the 

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Episode 7 Shadow Systems MR920

Episode 7 is recorded, and we've learned our friends at Shadow Systems have been hard at work topping the success that they have experienced with their critically acclaimed MR918. Just barely a year since its' release at 2019's SHOT Show the Shadow boys have released the MR920 hot on its' heals. How do you top an already critically acclaimed pistol you ask? You start by adding an extended beaver tail, trim the trigger guard for better holster fitment,  an extended recoil ledge for better stability in the grip and ad an innovative "No Plate" multi optics compliant mounting system. 

Shadow Systems MR920


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POF-USA Releases the worlds lightest .308 rifle, again!


Episode 8 - Mr. Patriot Frank DeSomma will be coming by with the newest POF-USA products. The Rogue, Rebel and P-19. 

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