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Getting Ready For SHOT Show 2020!

Getting Ready For SHOT Show 2020!

Getting Ready For SHOT Show 2020!Getting Ready For SHOT Show 2020!Getting Ready For SHOT Show 2020!

We are going to broadcasting LIVE from SHOT Show 2020! That's right live from the worlds largest consumer based firearms showcase. We have some special things in store for you, as well as the best from the show!  

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Have you seen it yet?

If you haven't seen the Just A Pew Reviews head to head review between the Ruger 57 and the FN, you may be the only one! Joe and Phoenix produced one of the first head to heads  between the two firearms on the Internet. If you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out HERE

The Ruger 57 vs. FN Five.Seven


Phoenix, driving the all new Ruger 57


The Boys Are Heading To Vegas!

The boys are heading to the biggest firearms show in America and we're letting the loose with GoPro's and Mic's. We Will be Live Streaming each night with the days best from SHOT Show and hopefully some candid shots with your favorite Shooting Sports personalities! 

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