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Byron Vaughn - Host

Byron when not hosting the podcast is the General Manager of Mo Money Pawn Shop/ MMP Guns. He has 16 years experience in the firearms industry and has been actively shooting and hunting since age 7 (that's a long time!) His main focus when coming up with concept for the podcast was to combat the negative stereotype surrounding the American firearm owner and to educate on the dire need for the Second Amendment. 


Joe Escobar - Co-Host

Joe is a Phoenix, AZ native and has been in the firearms industry for just about 10 years now. Besides being a Co-Host at KBP, Joe is an Armament Specialist at MMP Guns and the owner of . His number one goal with both JAPR and KBP is to bring firearm enthusiasts closer together.  


Johnny Phoenix - Co-Host

In addition to Co-Hosting KBP, Phoenix reviews guns and gear for and is also the author of The Armed Citizens Blog (T.A.C. Blog). In his free time he dabbles in wilderness survival and is currently working on increasing his knowledge of bushcraft skills. He hopes to be able to contribute to the firearms community, and the proliferation of the Second Amendment. 


Chris "Gunfucius" Sled - Engineer

Chris states he came from the most communist part of the country you guessed it, California. He came to Arizona, and tasted real freedom and hasn't looked back since. When Chris isn't editing video, mixing music or doing graphic design, he does Internet Sales/ Social Media for MMP Guns.